NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Announces The 3 Rules His Fans Must Follow

Even his rules show how much he cares for fans.

During NCT DREAM‘s fan signing event, one fan wondered if there were any rules Jaemin wanted his fans, Nanadoongies or Jamps, to follow.


It didn’t take long for Jaemin to reveal the three things he wanted his fans to do, showing how much he cared for them.

Jaemin’s first concern was happiness and remaining positive. He said, “First, to smile every time we meet.

The next rule focused on fans’ health. Jaemin said, “Second, don’t get sick/hurt!

Adding onto that rule, Jaemin noted that they should “get medicine for sick/hurt Jamps.

Jaemin’s last rule was to unite fans for something everyone spends time doing. He said, “Third, eat together~!

Jaemin’s rules prove that he never stops thinking about his fans, making sure to put their health and happiness first.

Source: Twitter


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