NCT DREAM’s Jaemin And Haechan Go Viral For The Most NCT DREAM-Like Thing Ever — Before “THE DREAM SHOW 2” Even Starts

They really do have the most chaotic dynamic.

NCT DREAM are finally hosting their THE DREAM SHOW 2 concert in Seoul, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

“THE DREAM SHOW 2” concert poster | SM Entertainment

The concert has been long overdue, especially after its original date had to be rescheduled when Mark and Renjun tested positive for COVID-19 this summer.

Mark (left) and Renjun (right)

Perhaps because of this, SM Entertainment seems to have gone above and beyond in treating the attending NCTzens, gifting them with many special goodies and even a letter from the members themselves.

Merch provided with the Global SM Package | @jenopupper/Twitter

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the concert, which is being held at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul. It is South Korea’s biggest venue, with a capacity of up 70k. NCT DREAM are one of only a handful of K-Pop acts to have ever performed there, marking this as a historic moment for the group.

NCTzens who arrived early at the stadium were able to hear the group’s rehearsal from outside. Many were excited to hear some of the group’s most iconic songs on the setlist…

…but that wasn’t all that they were able to catch. Due to the loud volume of the members’ mics, NCTzens also managed to hear them hilariously bickering with each other during rehearsals. As expected, of course! As a result, Jaemin and Haechan are now going viral, despite the fact that it is only an audio clip from rehearsals.


While it’s hard to know what exactly the members were saying, NCTzens who were outside the stadium distinctly overheard Jaemin yelling, “LEE HAECHAN!”

Despite the lack of clear context, fans already know that the members have the most chaotic dynamic, especially where Haechan is concerned… The clip may only be an audio of them, but it’s already one of the funniest moments of the day!

This concert was already set to be a historic moment, but every clip only continues to make it even more memorable!