Here’s The Goodies That NCT DREAM Fans Got With Their SM Concert Package For “THE DREAM SHOW 2”

We’re totally jealous.

NCT DREAM is finally hosting their Seoul concert for THE DREAM SHOW 2. The concert had been pushed back thanks to a bout of COVID-19 that struck members Mark and Renjun.

Poster for NCT DREAM’s concert. | SM Entertainment

Global fans rushed to sign up for the SM Global Package hosted by SM Entertainment. The package usually includes concert tickets, a hotel stay, and some freebies. As fans have been waiting for ages, perhaps the company wanted to spoil fans even more. The freebies that were included this time went above and beyond.

Fans were greeted with special pillows and treats the moment they stepped into the hotel room. Not only did they get two printed pillowcases, but they also got a cute knee blanket with the concert logo on it.

Merch provided with the Global SM Package. | @jenopupper/Twitter

Fans took home slippers and a cap with THE DREAM SHOW 2 on them as well as exclusive postcards. They also got a special printed letter from the boys themselves.

Merch provided with the Global SM Package. | @jenopupper/Twitter

The letter thanked them for attending the show!

Merch provided with the Global SM Package. | @jenopupper/Twitter

Fans were also provided with letter sets printed with the concert logo. Envelopes, letter paper, and of course, a set of color pencils.

Merch provided with the Global SM Package. | @jenopupper/Twitter

But the crowning glory was a special ring for DREAMzens. The ring was adjustable with a coiling design and green gems. Green is the color of NCTzens!

Merch provided with the Global SM Package. | @jenopupper/Twitter

The words “NCT DREAM” were even engraved on it.

Merch provided with the Global SM Package. | @jenopupper/Twitter

What makes it even more special for fans is that it closely resembles the friendship ring that the members each own.

Jisung wearing the friendship ring. | Lysn

Of course, the members’ rings are from luxury house Cartier, but the overall design is quite similar. From the grooved ridges to the coiling pattern, it seems like SM Entertainment had designed the DREAMzen rings with the original friendship rings in mind.

These rings are not available to the public or to fans outside the package currently, making them a hot commodity. It is unknown whether the company will end up selling them through SM Town & Store.