NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Drives Fans Crazy With A Peek At His Mullet

Everyone can’t wait to see the full look now.

With NCT DREAM‘s comeback not too far away, Jaemin caused chaos among fans by switching up his look in an unexpected way.

Although the group has dropped teaser photos where Jaemin rocks a beautiful shade of light brown hair, fans were taken by surprise with an unexpected change in their latest one.

Jaemin | @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

In the recent teaser for their second full-length album Glitch Mode, eagle-eyed fans noticed Jaemin’s short brown hair had turned into a mullet. Long blond hair reached his shoulders.

Thousands of fans expressed their shock and excitement over the new look for the idol, looking forward to seeing the full hairstyle. NCTzens also realized something amusing.

Jaemin’s mullet reminded fans of a childhood look from him, from adorable photos where he had longer hair.

Take a look at the teaser that had fans excited for Jaemin’s mullet.