NCT DREAM’s Jaemin Goes Viral For His Visuals IRL As Unedited Moments From The “2022 Genie Music Awards” Leave Netizens Shook

All he has to do to go viral is smile.

NCT DREAM may have made NCTzens proud with their huge wins at the 2022 Genie Music Awards (or GMAs), yet the members can’t help but get attention for their unreal visuals, something that Jaemin is now going viral for.

Jaemin | @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

NCT DREAM proved to be the stars of the show as they won two of the biggest awards of the night, including “Top Album” and “Top Artist.”

Fans were overjoyed at the victory, especially since they had already been happy enough just to see all seven members together onstage again. Throughout the ceremony, however, the members’ visuals became impossible to ignore. And as one of the main visuals of the group, it seemed like Jaemin did not have to do much to get all eyes on him.

While his performance onstage was as impressive as always…

…NCTzens couln’t get enough of the many unedited moments of him throughout the ceremony, as they showed how crazy his visuals actually are in real life.

It’s safe to say he left everyone shook!

Even when faced with the lowest image quality, Jaemin’s visuals still stood out.

Yet, he had fans particularly swooning over his smile. Jaemin’s smile is something that NCTzens have always had an appreciation for, and the moments in which it spread on his face instantly got attention.

In fact, a small clip of him smiling is already at over half a million views as of this writing, despite the fact that not much else is happening in it. It seems like it was still more than enough to send NCTzens into meltdown!

This is far from the first time Jaemin goes viral for his visuals, but fans were particularly happy on this occasion as they were also able to celebrate Jaemin and the members’ big victory at the 2022 GMAs. Congratulations to NCT DREAM!