NCT DREAM’s Haechan Has A Clever Way To Fix Jaemin’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Haechan and Jaemin weren’t thinking the same thing 😂

During NCT DREAM‘s The Dream Show2: In YOUR DREAM concert, Jaemin wasn’t afraid to briefly show fans his abs.


However, Jaemin experienced a wardrobe malfunction that showed too much skin than he’d wanted. So Haechan came up with a hilariously clever solution.


While performing “Fire Alarm”, Jaemin’s shirt somehow became unbuttoned, opening it wide enough for everyone to see the waistband of his mic pack.

Jaemin didn’t have a clue until he danced beside Haechan. He pointed at Jaemin’s shirt to bring the wardrobe malfunction to his attention. Haechan then decided to take matters into his own hands.

Instead of buttoning up Jaemin’s shirt, Haechan did the opposite. Knowing that fans wouldn’t mind seeing more, Haechan tried to pull Jaemin’s shirt open wider. Though Jaemin was amused, he quickly stopped himself from going bare-chested.

Jaemin used the next moment to make sure he was covered up properly, buttoning his shirt.

Haechan’s quick thinking was clever, solving Jaemin’s wardrobe malfunction by turning it into a power move where he could show off his abs. Though Jaemin didn’t allow it, it still caused a funny moment everyone could enjoy.

Source: Twitter and Twitter