NCT DREAM’s Jeno And Chenle Test Positive For COVID-19

We hope they recover soon!

Recently, due to NCT DREAM’s Jeno and Chenle testing positive for COVID-19, the group will be canceling all schedules this week. Below is the official statement released by the staff.


Hello, NCT’s Jeno and Chenle were diagnosed with COVID-19 on the evening of the 2nd. Jeno was negative with the self-diagnosis kit test conducted prior to the schedule this morning, but he felt abnormal symptoms before the scheduled video fan signing event in the afternoon and tested positive in the self-diagnosis kit that was conducted again, and immediately took a rapid antigen test, confirming positive for COVID-19.

NCT DREAM preemptively conducted a rapid antigen test where Chenle tested positive while the rest of the members tested negative. Both Jeno and Chenle have completed the third dose of the vaccine and will halt all schedules and abide by the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

Due to this, we ask fans for their understanding as NCT DREAM will have to cancel music broadcasts, radio, fan sign events for this week. We will continue to abide by the quarantine guidelines and do our best to focus on the health and safety of our artists as our top priority. Thank you.