NCT DREAM’s Jeno And Jaemin Go Viral For Their Touching Reaction To Renjun’s Ending Ment At “THE DREAM SHOW 2”

It says a lot about their special friendship!

NCT DREAM recently wrapped up their first concert as a seven-member group. It was such a special occasion that the members were understandably emotional, and a touching moment between besties Jeno and Jaemin even went viral.

Jeno (left) and Jaemin (right)

The concert had been highly anticipated by NCTzens for a long time. Not only because they wanted to see all the members performing together, but also because its original date earlier this year was canceled after some of the members tested positive for COVID-19. The new concert was then scheduled to take place at South Korea’s largest venue, the Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

“THE DREAM SHOW 2: IN A DREAM” poster | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Despite the long wait, the concert proved to be truly worth it. Lucky NCTzens were heavily spoiled by SM Entertainment

Merch provided with the Global SM Package | @jenopupper/Twitter

…while the positive energy of the members drew the attention of even non-fans.

NCT DREAM’s talent and wholesome sibling dynamic were on full display, with many moments of chaotic comedy sprinkled in between their impressive performances.

At the concert, the members shared their honest feelings about the experience. NCT DREAM have grown so much in the years since their first concert, both as people and as a major K-Pop group, that the huge success of THE DREAM SHOW 2: IN A DREAM was a game-changing moment for them. It’s therefore unsurprising that the members got a little emotional…

Renjun’s words in particular seemed to impact them, as he expressed to NCTzens his concern over whether he really deserves the love of so many people. Hearing this, Jeno and Jaemin couldn’t help but get teary.

The clip of them together went viral, standing now at over 1.6 million views. NCTzens found it incredibly heartwarming to see these two besties comfort each other, especially because Jeno is known to be the one who usually comforts the others. Fans feel that seeing him seek comfort from Jaemin proves how special their friendship really is!

Afterward, Jeno checked on Jaemin as well to see if he was crying…and earned the most Jaemin-like reaction.

NCTzens who were in the audience claimed that Jeno also admitted to Jaemin and Chenle that he got emotional.

Considering the weight of this moment at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium, both the members and NCTzens were bound to feel emotional. As the youngest K-Pop act to ever perform at the venue, this was definitely a historic moment for NCT DREAM!

The members have more than earned the support they have, and nothing says that better than their friends in the industry defying the odds to come and see them. Read further about it right here!

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