SEVENTEEN’s Jun And The8 Attend NCT Dream’s “THE DREAM SHOW 2” Concert Despite Just Returning From America

NCT and SEVENTEEN’s China lines are friendship goals.

For Day 2 of NCT Dream‘s concert in Seoul, THE DREAM SHOW 2: In A Dream, SEVENTEEN‘s Jun and The8 (also known as Minghao) attended the concert to show their support (Jun is wearing the blue baseball cap, and Minghao is wearing the gray hoodie).

When Chenle mentioned Jun and The8 in his ment, Renjun excitedly waved hello with the cutest smile.

Chenle and Renjun have long been friends with Jun and Minghao, and they’re all close to the point where they’re well acquainted with each other’s parents.

The four often eat out together, and if they’re promoting at the same time, they never shy away from greeting each other.

And like all close friendships, they’ve had their fair share of chaotic moments, including the time Jun forgot Chenle’s last name.

What makes their attendance at NCT Dream’s concert even sweeter is knowing they came to show their love and support for Chenle and Renjun despite being utterly exhausted. SEVENTEEN just wrapped up the North American leg of their BE THE SUN tour, with Jun arriving in Korea only a day ago and Minghao arriving the morning of the concert. Despite the accumulated weariness from the tour, traveling, and jet lag, the two still made sure to come to the show to support some of their dearest friends. If that isn’t true friendship, what is?

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