NCT DREAM’s Jeno Drives Fans Crazy In A Sexy Backless Shirt

“Lee Jeno, are you insane?” 🥵

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno may be known for his charming resemblance to the Samoyed but showed off his sexy side at the group’s Osaka stop of THE DREAM SHOW2 : In A DREAM.


From the start of their “Dreaming” performance, Jeno captured the audience’s attention with his sexy dancing. The idol’s unique outfit took his look over the top.

Between Jeno’s charismatic rapping and his sexy backless shirt, NCTzens couldn’t handle it.

As if that wasn’t enough to drive fans wild, the backless shirt showed off Jeno’s toned back muscles.

Jeno also wore the outfit for their “STRONGER” performance. This time, the sleeveless part of the shirt showed off his arm muscles.

NCTZens couldn’t get enough as they made Jeno go viral.

Since it was originally Jeno’s idea to cut a hole on the side of the shirt, fans may have him to thank for making it backless and sleeveless as well. He knows exactly what fans like.