NCT DREAM’s Jeno Shocks NCTzens With The Cost Of His Luxury Watch

“Jeno is wearing an entire house on his wrist.”

NCT DREAM‘s Jeno shocked NCTzens with the price of his fancy watch after some eagle-eyed fans spotted him wearing it in the group’s latest variety content.


Earlier this year, Jeno gave his take on how he personally plans to spend his money, and at the time, his plans did not seem to involve expensive watches.

When NCT DREAM were promoting their Glitch Mode comeback in April, Jeno, Mark and Haechan made a guest appearance on the YouTube show Turkids On The Block. The members were asked to spill on how they each prefer to spend their money, with host Lee Yong Jin joking that if he were an idol, he would definitely buy an expensive car and watch.


Haechan agreed that while some people liked to spend money on cars and watches, everyone is different. Looking at Jeno, Lee Yong Jin hilariously suggested that Jeno probably spends all his money on dying his hair.

Jeno, however, confessed that he is saving up a lot of money to buy a nice house.

But as it turns out, he’s actually also happy to spend on nice watches! During NCT DREAM’s recent 7DREAM DEBATE on YouTube, NCTzens noticed that he was wearing an Audemars Piguet watch from the Royal Oak collection.


While it’s hard to tell exactly which model he has, similar-looking models are being valued upwards of $74,000, leading NCTzens to joke that Jeno could easily buy property with that money.

In fact, some Royak Oak watches go up to anywhere between $200,000 and more than $500,000.

While some NCTzens believe Jeno’s costs around $53,000, it still seems to be the most expensive among the watches owned by the members.

Certainly enough to fund a whole lot of things…

…leading to some hilarious ‘schemes’ to obtain it proposed by NCTzens.

With all the success NCT DREAM is seeing, it’s no wonder Jeno is choosing to treat himself to some expensive wear! He’s certainly earned it after all that hard work.

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