NCT Dream Jisung Revealed To Have Knee Injury, Jaemin Responds To Fans’ Worries

Fans hadn’t known Jisung was hurt until the performance.

During the recent airing of the 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards, NCT Dream attended alongside many other groups. They received a Bonsang and performed their track “Ridin'”.

While it was fortunate for fans in the audience and watching live to see the group perform, they noticed Jisung hadn’t performed the way everyone expected him to.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The group’s main dancer hadn’t been dancing at all. He’d been seated for the entire performance. Although Jisung still managed to be just as powerful while seated, that didn’t stop fans from worrying about the reason why.

As soon as NCTzens saw this, they wished him well through trending the hashtag #GetWellSoonJisung on Twitter, making the worldwide top five.

They soon learned the maknae had injured his knee. Since that news would make anyone worry more, Jaemin stepped in to reassure fans about the situation.

During Jaemin’s live broadcast on August 13, he soothed fans’ worries by explaining that Jisung’s injury was only minor and wasn’t severe enough for them to worry. Tapping into his self-proclaimed parenting role, he noted that he’d “raised Jisung” and was taking good care of him with his love.

If they were quick to treat Jisung’s knee injury while it was still minor and take precautions from making it worse, he’s sure to heal up quickly. With the support and care of his fellow members, like Jaemin, it’ll make it that much smoother.