NCT DREAM’s Jisung Proves He Is Always There To Protect Jaemin’s Idol Image

Can’t have the “Beatbox” countdown live without a Jaemin moment.

NCT DREAM held a countdown live for the release of their repackage album, Beatbox, and there was one moment that has had many NCTzens amused.

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While the comedy king Haechan was absent due to NCT 127‘s NEO CITY: JAPAN – THE LINK tour (along with Mark Lee), fans can always count on Jaemin to make everyone laugh. And naturally, he did not disappoint!

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Towards the end of the live, Jeno made sure to mention how thankful he is for the incredible number of views NCT DREAM has reached on TikTok, as he had recently found out they’re nearing 300 million likes.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Hearing this, Jaemin was totally flabbergasted…and his facial expression made that hilariously clear. But what made it even funnier is that Jisung immediately put up a hand to cover Jaemin’s face when he saw what he looked like.

Fans have since been laughing about Jisung dutifully protected Jaemin’s idol image…

…especially because this is not the first time it’s happened.

Plus, the Beatbox countdown live also gave fans a clearer look at just how big Jisung’s hands really are, hilariously proving that Jisung’s self-assigned job as Jaemin’s idol image protector may just be the right one for him!

As the members come back with another amazingly successful album and set new records for SM Entertainment..

…fans can look forward to yet another era full of of equally fun moments, and, of course, an album that has it all!

If you haven’t seen NCT DREAM’s “Beatbox” yet, you can watch it right here.