NCT DREAM’s Kind Treatment Of aespa At The “2023 Melon Music Awards” Didn’t Go Unnoticed

They treat their juniors well.

Since several SM Entertainment groups attended the 2023 Melon Music Awards, fans saw how supportive they are of each other. That included NCT DREAM and their juniors aespa.

Aespa’s NingNing

Despite all the artists gathered on stage, Mark spotted Karina and Giselle passing by. So he sparked a conversation with NingNing and the rest of the members. They seemed to be congratulating each other on their wins, bowing and clapping together.

When Winter joined them, Jeno showed his support as well. Despite being their senior, he bowed deeply multiple times. That wasn’t the last act of kindness NCT DREAM showed towards aespa, either.

When aespa was on their way to accept their award, Mark clapped so hard for the girls that he went viral.

Though the moments that aespa and NCT DREAM interact are rare, they always show how much they care for each other.


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