NCT DREAM’s Mark And Jisung Caught In A Love Triangle For New Track Video

Mark and Jisung seem to unexpectedly be caught in a love triangle!

NCT DREAM just released a new track video for “고래 (Dive Into You)” from their upcoming new album Hot Sauce.


The video seems to be the first of a series, titled “DREAM-VERSE Chapter #1 The Love Triangle.” Who does the love triangle involve, you may ask? Turns out it involves the oldest and the youngest, Mark and Jisung.

Jisung seems to be waiting for someone, even though he said he wasn’t. Our suspicions are confirmed when Mark pulls out a candle he said he received as a gift, from who we assume is Jisung’s love interest.

And right before the two of them get up to join the rest of their members, Jisung picks up the candle and follows after Mark. Fans have already begun to spread theories in excitement for the album release date, and can’t wait for the rest of the story to unfold.

What do you think will happen? You can watch the track video below.

Source: Feature Image


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