NCT DREAM Clowns Mark For His Mishap With Lee Young Ji At The “2023 Melon Music Awards”

They noticed it immediately 😂

When rapper Lee Young Ji performed at the 2023 Melon Music Awards, NCT DREAM was one of the groups who hyped her up.

That’s when Mark experienced a funny mishap with the rapper that left NCT DREAM cracking up.


When Lee Young Ji left the group to perform on a different part of the stage, Mark reached out for a handshake. The rapper was so focused that she didn’t notice. But the NCT DREAM members did.

Jisung and Jeno pointed at Mark as they all laughed at the hilarious mishap. They weren’t the only ones enjoying the secondhand embarrassment.

NCTzens shared the funny interaction and laughed along with them. Even famous idols have moments when their gestures go unseen.