NCT Dream’s Mark Reveals Why He Won’t Be Getting Tattoos Even Though He Wants Them

He won’t be getting inked in the near future at least, and shared why!

NCT Dream‘s Mark revealed he wants tattoos, but also sorrowfully shared why he’s probably not getting them anytime soon!

Mark | @nct_dream/Instagram

NCT Dream recently uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of them backstage preparing to perform their new comeback song onstage, where they can be seen taking photos, warming up their vocals, and also sticking “tattoos” on themselves for the stage!

As they relaxed backstage before their performance and admiring their sticker tattoos, Mark suddenly announced that he really wants to get tattoos one day, to Jisung and Chenle‘s surprise!

I want a tattoo. What’s wrong with me?


He then shared that he can’t get them though, because his parents gave a firm no!

My parents won’t allow me.


Chenle then teased him by calling him a baby…

You are still a baby, you can’t do it!


…while Jisung hilariously scolded Mark for getting influenced by his icon, Justin Bieber!

Stop watching Justin Bieber!


Mark probably won’t be getting tattoos anytime soon, but who knows? Maybe we’ll see him getting inked sometime down the road!

| @nct_dream/Instagram

Watch the whole thing here!