NCT DREAM’s Leader Mark Updates After Testing Positive For COVID-19 As NCTzens Are Heartbroken He Will Miss First Concert With Group

It would have been his first concert with NCT DREAM.

NCT‘s Mark has tested positive for COVID-19, and NCTzens (NCT fans) are devasted for more reasons than one.

NCT’s Mark | SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment released a statement on July 25 regarding Mark’s condition. He had not been feeling well, so he took a rapid antigen test. The results came back positive for COVID-19.

| SM Entertainment

Hello.NCT’s Mark has tested positive for COVID-19 today (25th).

Mark’s condition was not feeling well today, so he immediately conducted a rapid antigen test and results were positive. He immediately stopped all of his schedules and is now following the guidelines in quarantine.

As such, NCT DREAM’s 2nd solo concert, ‘THE DREAM SHOW2 – In a DREAM’ scheduled for July 29~31, will commense with the 6 members, excluding Mark. We ask for the fans’ understanding.

Mark is strictly following the quarantine rules. and we will do our best to prioritize his health and safety so that we can ensure his recovery.

Thank you.

— SM Entertainment

Unfortunately, this means that Mark must miss NCT DREAM’s 2nd solo concert, THE DREAM SHOW2 – In a DREAM. It is scheduled for July 29-31, and the remaining six members will perform without leader Mark.

This would have been NCT DREAM’s first concert with all seven members. NCT DREAM TOUR THE DREAM SHOW was NCT DREAM’s first solo group concert and included just six. The concert tour began in Seoul on November 16, 2019, and ended on February 3, 2020.

So, fans are especially heartbroken that Mark will be missing what would have been his first NCT DREAM concert while he is also the leader.

NCT DREAM has faced challenges a lot recently. During their comeback with “Glitch Mode,” Chenle suffered an ankle injury. During “Beatbox,” Haechan and Jaemin tested positive for COVID-19 after Jeno and Chenle.

Mark has also personally updated NCTzens on his condition via the Bubble app. He reassured them and asked for the continued support of NCT DREAM’s concert, but he was upset too.

Bubble via @4NDY_9/Twitter
| Bubble via @4NDY_9/Twitter
| Bubble via @4NDY_9/Twitter
| Bubble via @4NDY_9/Twitter

So, NCTzens are sending well wishes to Mark during this time.

We, too, wish Mark a full and speedy recovery.

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