NCT Dream To Release Japanese Album In 2020, Fans Hopeful They’ll Stay Together

Fans are wondering what their new album means.

NCT Dream has announced that they’ll be releasing an album in 2020, and fans are rife with speculations about them being a fixed unit.


On December 11, NCT’s official Japanese Twitter account tweeted a post about NCT Dream’s upcoming Japanese concert. They revealed that they will also release a commemorative album titled The Dream for the concert, which will have all of their old title tracks, from “Chewing Gum” to “Boom”. The songs will be the original Korean versions, and there will be no new Japanese releases. The album is set to be released on January 22, 2020.


NCT Dream is a unit within the group NCT, that has a graduation system. When a member turns 20 (international age) and is no longer a teenager, they graduate from the group as the group is composed of only teenagers. Seeing how close the members are, however, and the natural chemistry they share as a group, fans have been demanding that SM Entertainment make them a fixed unit, and with new information about their 2020 activities, fans are hopeful about this dream of theirs coming true:


The 2000-line members (Renjun, Haechan, Jeno and Jaemin) will turn 20 in international age next year, and are set to graduate from the group this year, leaving only Chenle and Jisung as the remaining members of the original line-up. But fans are hoping that this is an indication of future plans for the current line-up of NCT Dream to stay together, just for a while longer.