NCT Dream’s Renjun Proves He Has A Heart Of Gold By Surprising The SM Entertainment Staff With A Touching Gift

The choice of gift was very considerate.

NCT Dream‘s Renjun is known for his soft and gentle personality. He’s always the one to cheer on his fellow members and offer warm words. He also makes sure to deliver the same kindness to everyone around him, from staff members to fans.

He recently took it upon himself to surprise the SM Entertainment staff. He delivered boxes of vitamins with personalized messages on the boxes to the hardworking staff at the company. The staff were so thankful that they bragged about his kind deed on Instagram.

SM Entertainment staff thanking Renjun. | via Nate Pann

The printed messages added to the touching factor.

SM Entertainment, have the vitamins here and spend a happy and healthy autumn. And please dote upon our Dreamies loads! ^^

— Renjun

Another sign next to the boxes instructed the staff to take one per person.

This is a small gift from an NCT member to welcome the autumn. So that I can give it to many people, I’d be thankful if you take one each.

— Renjun

A member of the A&R team praised Renjun for the thoughtful gesture, calling Renjun “super cute“.

SM Entertainment staff thanking Renjun. | via Nate Pann

The vitamins don’t come cheap! One box of thirty costs around ₩129,000 KRW (about $92.40 USD).

Price of the vitamins. | via Nate Pann

Orthomol immun is known as the “luxury brand” of vitamins. As expensive as it is, it’s famed for how effective it is. With the changing seasons and increased susceptibility to the flu, Renjun’s gesture was absolutely meticulous and considerate!

Source: Nate Pann