NCT Dream And WayV Expected To Experience Significant Lineup Changes According To Leaked Document

These changes are planned to be made by 2020

Recently, a leaked SM Entertainment document has been making waves across NCTzens for outlining plans in 2019-20 for NCT subunits.

The document highlighted a planned debut of NCT Indonesia in the future, but it also discussed member changes in the other NCT subunits.

NCT Indonesia is planned to feature four new members who have not yet been introduced.

NCT 127’s lineup is expected to remain the same as it was in 2019 with Jungwoo as a member.

Winwin has not been named as a member of this NCT 127 lineup.

Meanwhile, NCT Dream’s lineup will be changing dramatically, as the 2000-liners Jeno, Jaemin, Renjun and Haechan will be graduating soon.

While this leaves two members, the planned lineup for the next generation of NCT Dream does not feature Chenle.

That would leave Jisung as the only member from the original lineup, with the maknae now being the senior of the group.

In addition to Jisung, the document states that he will be joined by new members Hyungtae, Jinyoung and Youngwon, who have not yet been introduced.

With the popularity of NCT Dream’s original lineup, it appears that SM Entertainment will be preserving some of this chemistry, as they will be planning a new subunit called NCT X.

This planned subunit features current NCT Dream members Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung, as well as a new member Taesung.

Meanwhile, the document outlined that the Chinese NCT Dream members Chenle and Renjun will make their long-anticipated addition to WayV in the near future.

The future lineup for WayV is drafted to have nine members, with the current members plus Chenle and Renjun.

If this comes true, it looks like Chenle and Renjun will be back to their full-time position of annoying Kun!

In summary, the planned changes over 2019-20 are the debut of two new subunits NCT Indonesia and NCT X, addition of three new members to NCT Dream and inclusion of Chenle and Renjun in WayV.

Taesung (left) expected to be added to NCT X and Jinyoung (right) expected to be added to NCT Dream

It looks like NCTzens will be welcoming eight new members over the next few years, as well as two new subunits.