Leaked SM Entertainment Document Shows Plans For Debuting NCT Indonesia With Lucas And Ten As Members

The debut is planned for 2019-20, with four new members

Since 2016, Lee Soo-Man has repeatedly discussed his goal centered on a “culture contents” strategy where different NCT subunits would be debuted, focusing on different markets around the world.

In 2018, SM Entertainment introduced the first subunit to debut outside of South Korea with WayV being focused on the Chinese market.

Recently, photos of SM Entertainment documents of 2019-20 plans for NCT have been leaked, outlining not only new subunits but also member changes in the existing subunits.

The first new subunit that SM Entertainment is planning to debut within the next two years is NCT Indonesia.

NCT Indonesia has been in the plans for years, with Lee Soo-Man announcing his intentions to debut NCT Indonesia in 2017.

Having the fourth biggest population in the world, as well as a large proportion of international K-Pop fans, targeting this market is certainly a lucrative plan for SM Entertainment.

So far, the planned subunit will have six members, four of which have not debuted as NCT members yet.

The two NCT members joining this subunit are Lucas and Ten.

With both Ten and Lucas speak English and whose parents hail from another Southeast Asian country, it can be assumed that they would be able to promote the subunit well.

Yet, the document also stipulates that both Lucas and Ten will remain members of WayV, meaning that they will probably be expected to promote in China, Indonesia, as well as the United States as part of Super M.

The four new members who are planned to be debuting with NCT Indonesia are Matthew, Kim, Nanda and Jason.

These four members have not yet been introduced as NCT members or SM Rookies. They are currently still SM Entertainment trainees, although fans have taken pre-debut pictures of Matthew, Kim and Jason.

It was also highlighted that “NCT Indonesia” will most likely not be what this subunit is called, as this is only a temporary name.

Indonesian NCTzens should get excited because there is definitely going to be a significant rise in NCT activity in Indonesia over the next few years.