NCT Dream’s Jeno And Jaemin Spent Time Volunteering With Children In Indonesia

They were really invested in doing whatever they could to help.

NCT Dream‘s Jeno and Jaemin went to Indonesia and spent their time volunteering with children. They volunteered with two children in particular: Pudori and Slamet.

Pudori isn’t able to attend as much class as he needs to because he’s busy working to help support his family. So, Jeno and Jaemin chose to help Pudori by aiding him in his daily work.

Unlike Pudori, Slamet had to quit school altogether to support his family with their daily needs. Jaemin and Jeno relieved some of his workload by helping him perform some of those tasks.

Despite their busy schedules, Jeno and Jaemin took the time to help children who really needed it. And, it was extremely thoughtful and caring.

There will be a full episode documenting their experience with Pudori and Slamet. Watch the teaser below for a sneak peek.

Source: Naver