NCT Dream’s Renjun Couldn’t Stop Gushing About BTS’s “The Truth Untold” And Now He’s Officially Their Biggest Fanboy

ARMYzens where are you at?

NCT Dream’s Renjun has been active over the past few weeks, thanks to being the host of his own radio show.

As the host, he has been free to express to fans his music tastes, which has involved some fanboying over SEVENTEEN.

But it looks like Renjun is also the fan of another group, the global stars BTS.

Recently, Renjun has shown off his love for BTS, by fanboying over their songs.

A fan asked Renjun what song he thinks of whenever he feels lonely.

To answer the question, he recommended to his audience to listen to “The Truth Untold”, a song on Love Yourself: Tear that is sung by the vocal-line Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

Renjun replied that what he loved most about this song was the lyrics.

RM played a role in the songwriting of “The Truth Untold” and the lyrical content is very personal to the BTS members.

The song addresses how having to uphold their public image means they can never show people their true selves and have hence become lonely.

As idols, they need to be showcase a perfect side to the world, but this makes them feel ashamed of their shortcomings.

Like many ARMYs, Renjun answered that he admired the song’s message and could connect strongly to its lyrics.

He stated that his interpretation of “The Truth Untold” was of the feeling of unrequited love.

The best music is that which leaves an impact. Certainly, BTS’s songs have left their imprint on Renjun.

He stated that after hearing this song’s lyrics, he has been inspired and now believes that one should tell the truth if they love someone, or else they were face more heartbreak.

Renjun discussed that he too feels lonely, sometimes when there isn’t any reason. He stated that it is common for him to feel lonely when he finds it difficult to fall asleep.

In fact he loves the song so much, that he also praised BTS for giving strength to their fans through their lyrical content.

Indeed, BTS’s songs are so emotive that they transcend the language barrier and have impacted millions of fans in every corner of the world.

Renjun pointed out that an idol is like a friend who is by someone’s side and who is a part of their happy memories, while they are growing.

Even when confronting complicated feelings like loneliness or self-consciousness, groups like BTS are there to reassure you that you’re not alone.

Renjun continued to fanboy over BTS, by singing Jungkook’s famous line “I still want you” on the radio show.

Meanwhile fans have been impressed with Renjun’s music tastes, especially when he also recommended “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, a classic song.

Hopefully there will be interactions between Renjun and BTS in the future! And may Renjun continue to fanboy over as many groups and songs as he’d like.