NCT’s Haechan Knew Jeno Before He Even Joined SM Entertainment

Jeno didn’t know, so Doyoung told the whole story.

With crazy coincidences like NCT DREAM‘s Chenle and Jisung meeting as children way before the two even thought of joining SM Entertainment, the group keeps proving they were always destined to debut together. Through NCT‘s show welcome to NCT Universe, it was revealed that Jeno and Haechan had a similar situation of knowing each other before joining the company.

Haechan, Jeno, Jaemin, and Renjun (bottom). | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

At the mention of Jeno being from Ilsan, Doyoung told the SMROOKIES trainees that Haechan was also from the same hometown.

Jeno was so popular back then that Haechan knew his name even though they went to different schools. Doyoung said, “Haechan heard of Jeno when he was in elementary school.

Even as a kid, Jeno’s baby-faced visuals didn’t go unnoticed. Doyoung revealed what Haechan was told, “He heard there was a good-looking kid named Jeno.” It was the first time Jeno had heard about it and asked Doyoung if it was true.

Making them laugh, Doyoung pointed out how “Jeno had never heard about Haechan” during elementary school. Jeno confirmed that he knew nothing about Haechan until they joined the company.

From the time the NCT DREAM members were children, their paths kept crossing. The seven of them were truly meant to be in each other’s lives.

NCT DREAM and Doyoung. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter


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