NCT’s Haechan Has Been Writing His Own Music And Can’t Wait To Let Fans Sneak A Listen

He wrote them all in his favorite genre.

The NCT members are well-known for their creative streak. Taeyong, NCT 127‘s leader, has often been vocal about how much he loves his time in the studio. He has released a few of his original works to fans through online platforms such as Soundcloud and Dear. U Bubble. Take a listen to “Swimming Pool” below.

Fellow member Mark also enjoys sharing his writings with fans. While Mark is known as the genius rapper of the group, he often writes little poems.

It seems like they’re not the only ones with a penchant for creating! Haechan has caught the composing bug lately. As the members are slowly but surely exploring participation in the production of their songs, it does not come as a surprise. At a recent fansign in Daejeon, Haechan shared with a fan about his upcoming works.

Of course, he made sure to write songs in one of this favorite genres, R&B. With that soulful voice of his, it’s a no-brainer!

I asked if Haechan was writing his own songs and he said that he’s been writing them from time to time, consistently. They’re flat out all R&B! They’re all totally his taste, which he previously mentioned as being New York something something and when I asked when we can listen to them, Haechan said he also wants to be able to listen to them with us sooner.

— @chocco606

While we’re not sure what “New York something something” means exactly, we’re guessing it refers to the usual style of music that Haechan enjoys, with high influences from Alicia Keys and more. Afterall, he’s been caught humming to “Empire State of Mind” frequently!