NCT’s Haechan Talks Variety Shows And Reveals What Kind Of Program He Would Like To Host

Fans hope to see more of MC Haechan!

NCT‘s Haechan is known among fans as the mood-maker of the group thanks to his bright personality and wit. Many NCTzens believe Haechan would make a great host or cast member on variety shows.

Haechan appeared on a recent episode of K-pop Daebak W/ Eric Nam | @thedivestudios/Twitter

On a recent appearance on Eric Nam‘s podcast K-pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam, Haechan revealed how he feels about being an MC.

Eric (left) interviewed Haechan (center), Jeno (right), and Jaemin (off-screen). 

Eric asked Haechan if there was a program he would really like to host. Haechan explained both his interest and his hesitation towards hosting.

This is a hard question because I get really awkward around people I don’t know. I like fooling around with members that I’m close to, but it takes time for me to do that to people I met for the first time. So I don’t think I’m confident to go on variety shows.

— Haechan

Haechan then said that if he were to host a program, rather than something that the members are familiar with, he would like to host something similar to Eric’s podcast!

Eric told Haechan he believes the idol would be good at it, praising him for being a “good speaker when things get comfortable.

He even said that if Haechan ever wanted to host Daebak Show, he’d give it to him!

While Haechan has a radio show series he hosts occasionally called 37.5MHz Haechan Radio, fans think that Haechan’s quick thinking and eloquence make him a great fit for an official host role. They hope Haechan gets the opportunity to show off his MC skills soon!