NCT’s Haechan Ridiculously Accused Of Vaping During Livestream — Fans Come To His Defense

Fans denied the accusations.

NCT‘s Haechan was accused of smoking a vape during a recent livestream. During the livestream, Haechan suddenly ducked out of frame for a few seconds before reentering the frame.

Some claimed that the situation looked suspicious because of the breath he took while rising back up, as well as because of how mad Mark looked.

Haechan vaping during NCT 127’s livestream.

— jeonja_dambae

Many were shocked at how scary Mark’s expression was. The usually gentle member seemed mad at Haechan.

Mark’s expression, f*ck.

— pinwheel_o0O

Fans were quick to jump to defense, dispelling the allegations. A fan created a new video, raising the contrast to show that there was no smoke visible in the video.

If it was a vape, there would be smoke coming out of his nose. They are both wearing all black, so if I adjust the color, it would be impossible that white smoke would not be visible. You cannot see any smoke. They both looked towards the right at the same time, and Haechan made a move to adjust whatever it was first, and Mark followed. Whether or not they were adjusting something or moving stuff out of the way, this is just a set-up. You can’t even hear him sucking in a vape. This is just trolling using a year-old video.

— 7ilydrsb

Others questioned if it was even possible.

What are you yapping on about, OP? How can it be possible for someone to breath in and out a vape in just a second?

— jeolgoyang2

Do you really think he would?

— emohogtnaci

Others also pointed out that they were in a hotel room, likely where smoking was prohibited. Fans have dug into the original account, where the account user has also been seen hating on Haechan multiple times. It is likely that the video was posted to draw hate to the star.

On the other hand, the clip has gone viral on Twitter with over 2.4 million views in just two hours.