Dream Patient For Nurses: Top-tier Third Generation Idol Goes Viral For His Veiny Arms

From ideal man to ideal patient.

A third-generation top-tier male idol has recently gone viral for his veiny arms! Veins are often considered an attractive trait that has everyone swooning. Some top examples would be…


…and MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul!

| @kpopgghands/Twitter

More recently, NCT‘s Haechan made waves with a casual mirror selfie. While he looked great, the funny caption gave the thirst-trap a humorous edge. Someone had posted it with the caption, “You could throw it like a dart, and it would go in.

This was then reposted by the OP’s moot, who found it hilarious because the OP was actually a nurse.

They’re talking about a needle. I f*cking can’t even with my nurse Twitter moot.

— dooooooool2/Twitter

The tweet soon hit over 1.1 million views. All the netizen nurses went crazy discussing what type of needle it could probably fit.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • An 18-gauge needle would go in well.
  • F*ck his veins are so good. An 18-gauge is totally possible.
  • I was hospitalized once and my veins were so thin that they’d burst daily and they would have to put it in again. I’m so jelly.
  • They said they could throw it and it’d probably go in f*ck HAHA

He truly is a nurse’s dream!

Source: theqoo


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