NCTzens Show Support For NCT’s Jaehyun After He Opens Up About Criticism For A Lack Of Communication On Bubble

He explained why he has been messaging only once a week.

The issue of the frequency of communication between idols and their fans has always been a hot topic. Some feel it is part of the job as an idol, while others do not consider it an obligation. Regardless, all fans appreciate it when their idol comes to chat with them often, whether through communities, social media, or paid applications.

On the matter of paid applications, as fans are paying extra for the specific service, many feel that the idol needs to avail themselves more frequently. For Dear. U Bubble, in particular, fans are entitled to a refund if the idol does not message for over a month. Apart from this, idols have no real pressure to update their fans.

When NCT‘s Jaehyun sent a lengthy explanation to fans on April 7, 2023, it stirred up the feelings of many NCTzens.

Jaehyun’s message. | Nate Pann

That’s right; I get a notification when a week [since my last update] passes kekeke. Originally, when the company proposed the Dear. U Bubble service to me, it was promised that I send messages four times a month, and I also said that I would do it as I thought it would be nice to communicate with everyone and ask after you guys regularly, once a week. I’ve been doing this for a few years straight now, but I also heard bad things were said, or that you guys were upset, despite me not intending for this to happen. I can’t do anything about the bad things being said, but I hope everyone knows how I feel about you guys from debut to now.

To be honest, I only wanted to share good things so I didn’t want to mention it but I sent this hoping that people would not misunderstand anymore.

— Jaehyun

Although fans who want more may occasionally feel upset, most are more than okay with his once-a-week messaging. On the other hand, haters frequently use this to tear him down, criticizing him for a lack of communication. Upon his heartfelt message, NCTzens rallied in support.

Jaehyun has consistently shown how much he loves and cares for fans through the years.

Dear. U Bubble is only one channel out of many. His feelings for fans have been consistent since debut.

Even though he is busy and tired, he still checks in weekly.

It’s time for fans to show their support for him and reassure him that everything is okay!


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