NCT’s Jaehyun Has Been Chosen As The First Korean Prada Global Main Campaign Model

It’s a well-deserved honor!

Back in June 2022, NCT‘s Jaehyun was chosen as an ambassador for Italian luxury brand Prada. During that month, he participated in the “SS23 Prada Uomo Fashion Show” showcasing Prada’s 2023 Spring/Summer menswear collection in Milan, Italy, as his first activity as an ambassador for the brand.

Jaehyun (NCT) at “SS23 Prada Uomo Fashion Show” | Prada

Prior to that, he also was the first celebrity to stream a Prada show live on Instagram in September 2021, at which time he helped take part in revealing the brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

And now, his relationship with the brand has become even more impressive with the announcement that he will be the first Korean celebrity to participate in the global main campaign for the upcoming Spring/Summer season of 2023!

Jaehyun’s photo taken for the campaign

This role is different from being a brand ambassador, and will involve Jaehyun actually modeling for the brand and being seen in ads around the world.

The black and white photo, taken by renowned photographer David Sims, is meant to “express the multifaceted nature of human beings in a cinematic mood”. Other celebrities taking part in the campaign include Vincent Cassel, Louis Partridge, Hunter Schafer, and Letitia Wright.

Vincent Cassel for the Prada campaign

With his growing influence as a fashion model, this is a practical and impressive next step for Jaehyun’s career!

The accomplishment was shared on an online forum post, where fans shared their excitement and congratulations for the NCT member.

  • “Wow if he’s a global campaign model, then he’s a real model who also appears in their CFs”
  • “Wow being part of a global campaign is seriously impressiveㄷㄷ”
  • “He’s the best💚💚💚💚”
  • “Wow but it freaking suits him”
  • “As expected from my bias”
  • “I’m a luxury-brand-noob so I don’t really know this but I know it’s something impressive!!!!!!💚💚💚💚💚”
  • “Seriously, just being an ambassador is already impressive but he’s even part of a campaign, and a global campaign on top of it… Jung Jaehyun, you’re too coolㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ💚”
  • “Does this mean more nice pictures from Jaehyun? Because I’m always down for that”
  • “Congrats to Jaehyun~ 2022 was a great year for him, I hope this year will be even better!”

We can’t wait to see where Jaehyun’s blooming career takes him next!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa


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