NCT’s Jaehyun Gains Praise For His Gentlemanly Behavior, Even When Being Mobbed In Milan

Nothing will ever stop him from being polite.

Netizens praised NCT‘s Jaehyun for his gentlemanly behavior in Milan, even as he was being mobbed by a large crowd of fans and paparazzi in Milan.

NCT’s Jaehyun | @_roster__/Instagram

Jaehyun’s trip to Italy has given him plenty of opportunities to showcase his true personality: from charming multiple celebrities to giving thoughtful gifts to Prada executives, reporters, and his own staff, Jaehyun has proved he’s got the most wholesome personality to back up his flawless visuals.

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| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

In fact, after meeting Jeff Goldblum and his wife, Emilie Goldblum, at the Prada SS23 show, they were so charmed by him that Emilie Goldblum gushed to fans about how sweet he is…

…and even followed him on Instagram.

(From left to right) Jaehyun, Jeff Goldblum, and Emilie Goldblum | @nct/Instagram

One opportunity to prove how endlessly kind and patient he is came in the form of a large crowd of fans and paparazzi, who fans allege mobbed Jaehyun while he was out in the city. Jaehyun was reportedly seen meeting with some of the big names in Prada on June 20…

…and there were so many people outside waiting for him, that he was left with no almost no personal space when he made his way out. Fans have voiced their displeasure about the situation online…

…claiming that it’s hard to even enjoy the images of Jaehyun on the day knowing that his personal boundaries were being violated.

In fact, even though he was not attending a public or official event, he still had bodyguards escorting him, which NCTzens have also pointed out is something that other Prada guests, such as actor Jake Gyllenhaal, were okay without.

Yet, despite the fact that he must have been uncomfortable, Jaehyun did not fail to be kind and polite. One moment that caught many fans’ attention was when he was leaving the Prada flagship store, only to be met by the huge crowd outside.

As Jaehyun exited the store, he took the time to stop and meaningfully thank the small child that was holding the door open for him, smiling gratefully and not letting the crowd faze him.

Jaehyun recently praised NCTzens in Japan for receiving NCT 127 “in an orderly manner,” making his kind and gentlemanly behavior in the middle of being mobbed in Milan even more meaningful.

| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

It’s clear that finding himself in a mob is an understandably uncomfortable experience for him, as it would be for anyone, so it says a lot about him that he took the time to warmly thank the small child.

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