NCT’s Jaehyun Showers Everyone With Gifts In Milan, Showcasing His True Personality

His staff praised him for his thoughtfulness!

NCT‘s Jaehyun showcased his true personality in Milan as he presented people with gifts left and right.

NCT’s Jaehyun | @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

Jaehyun may be one of the quieter members of NCT, but he has consistently proven himself to also be one of the most thoughtful and polite members as well.

In the past, he received plenty of praise for his kind personality not only from fans but from staff and journalists who worked with him as well. Even years after having met him, former staff members still remembered how much Jaehyun’s polite manners stood out to them.

Those with a powerful agency as a backup don’t usually greet people politely but he was different. Also, I’m part of the sound team so the artists know better than anyone else that I have no power to give them any connections, so simply put, they have no reason to look good in front of me… Jaehyun doesn’t greet the staff just to look good to them. I think he is really thankful to the staff for their efforts and respects them for it. When leaving, he also continued to bow to each staff and thank them for their work (the only idol I saw doing this was Jaehyun). Due to the nature of my work, I’m used to seeing good-looking kids all over the place but Jaehyun makes you look again because of his actions.

— Staff

| @nct127/Instagram

Former high school classmates of his, including K-Pop idols such as SEVENTEEN‘s DK and CLC‘s Yeeun, also confirmed that Jaehyun was incredibly popular at their school. Not only that, but even when his pre-debut past was ‘exposed,’ his former social media posts only served to further prove his wholesome character.

| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

Now, as a member of one of the biggest groups in K-Pop, Jaehyun has continued to be a humble, polite person. As a guest at Prada‘s recent menswear fashion show in 2022 Milan Fashion Week, he shared cute interactions not only with actors Song Kang and “Win” Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, but with several other major celebrities, including Jeff Goldblum and his wife (who were left positively gushing about him), and Miuccia Prada herself.

(From left to right) Jaehyun, Jeff Goldblum, and Emilie Goldblum | @nct/Instagram

(From left to right) Jaehyun, Miuccia Prada, Song Kang, and Raf Simons (creative director at Prada) | | @jaehyunpetals/Twitter

Ever the well-mannered person, Jaehyun arrived in Milan with gifts at the ready. He presented Miuccia Prada with a special gift at the event on June 19…

…which fans pointed out was thoughtfully wrapped in paper with a traditional Korean touch.

He also didn’t fail to show his respect for the other important figures at Prada, presenting them with gifts as well.

| @nct/Instagram

Yet, it wasn’t just high-ranking Prada officials who were acknowledged by Jaehyun. Fans found it touching to see that Jaehyun had once again done his best to show his appreciation for the hardworking staff, as he presented them with some pricey Prada products.

One of them even captioned their Instagram story of his gifts with some gushing about how sweet he is!

| @jeongyunomly/Twitter

He also reportedly gave a pair of Prada sunglasses to a reporter who was at the event on June 19 with him.

| @yunotized/Twitter

Fans have been praising him for the thoughtfulness he has showed…

…and even poked fun at his apparent transformation into Santa Claus.

Jaehyun never fails to show his respect and appreciation for people, and his trip to Milan really showcased that!

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