NCT’s Jaehyun Is Getting Praise For Telling His Bodyguard Not To Push Fans

He really cares about his fans!

Recently, rookie boy group BOYNEXTDOOR drew unwanted attention online due to the behavior of one of their bodyguards. A video that’s been going around on social media shows the bodyguard using excessive force to shove away a fan holding a camera, basically slamming her into the ground.

This is far from the first time that K-Pop idol security has been criticized for using overly violent force against fans, and it’s a controversial topic in the industry. While some fans think that such force is necessary to keep idols safe from potentially dangerous situations and mobbing, others believe that there are other methods that could be implemented that don’t lead to physical force.

ENHYPEN’s bodyguards using arguably excessive force

In the wake of the BOYNEXTDOOR bodyguard controversy, another idol is getting attention due to his behavior in a similar situation.

On December 17, NCT‘s Jaehyun was surrounded by fans while passing through the Incheon airport. He can be seen waving at and interacting with the people around him, despite how crowded and stifling the situation seems.

Even so, when his bodyguards start pushing fans out of the way to help him get through, Jaehyun waves his hand and tells them to stop.

Caption: 231217 arrival at ICN
Jaehyun telling his bodyguard not to push fans

His behavior has been getting nothing but praise from netizens online who are appreciating the NCT member’s kind heart despite being in what could be a stressful and irritating situation.

However, mobbing is a serious issue that K-Pop idols continue to deal with, and we hope that someday a solution is made to keep these kinds of situations from happening in the first place.