A Clip Of A K-Pop Bodyguard Violently Pushing A Sasaeng Is Going Viral, And Opinions Are Mixed

It could have made a dangerous situation even worse.

Recently, a resurfaced clip of a K-Pop bodyguard has gone viral due to the excessive force he used on a sasaeng at the airport.

K-Pop idols getting mobbed when arriving at airports has been an ongoing issue for a long time, with many companies being criticized for not providing enough security for their idols in such situations. Recently, fans were concerned for BTS‘s V after he got mobbed returning back to Korea at the Incheon Airport.

Rather than keeping a respectful distance to allow K-Pop artists to travel freely and peacefully, it’s far too common for crowds to get pushy, chaotic, and even violent just for the chance to get a slightly closer and probably blurry photo of a celebrity.

ENHYPEN getting mobbed at the airport 

While having ample protection and enough bodyguards to keep idols safe is definitely ideal to keep sasaeng fans at bay, the clip in question is being met with mixed opinions due to the excessive force used by the security.

The video is from a time that Wanna One was being mobbed by people at an airport, and showcases the bodyguard shoving a much smaller girl hard enough that she topples to the floor, where she could have easily gotten trampled.

And while we appreciate bodyguards going above and beyond to keep their artists safe, the kind of force used in this particular situation could have led to an even more dangerous one. It’s not the first or last time that this sort of thing has happened, either.

Another instance of bodyguards shoving mobbers

Still, there are many comments responding to the post on Twitter that show support for the bodyguard’s behavior.

There are others, however, who think he went too far.

Hopefully there will come a day where K-Pop idols won’t be mobbed when they arrive at airports so that this kind of issue won’t happen again.

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