BTS V’s Reaction After Being Mobbed By Huge Crowds At Incheon Airport Showcases His True Personality

It has raised concerns about the safety of idols!

There is no denying that BTS is one of the biggest groups in the world and ARMYs worldwide always hope for a small chance at seeing the members in real life. For many fans, especially in Korea, one of the best ways to do this is at the airport when idols are traveling to and from schedules through Incheon Airport.

However, concerns have been raised about the safety of idols at the airport after BTS’s V returned to Incheon Airport after being in America.


When arriving at JFK Airport, netizens instantly raised concerns about V’s safety when the idol was forced to intervene with security after pushing fans who were getting too close to V.

| celebritynbcmoment/YouTube
| celebritynycmoment/YouTube   

Despite concerns about how netizens found out when V was leaving New York, his recent appearance at JFK Airport was treated with much more positivity. Not only were there fewer crowds of fans, but the security was also tighter with more security guards and barriers.

| celebritynycmoment/YouTube
| celebritynycmoment/YouTube   

Yet, concerns were raised again after V returned to Incheon Airport on August 1 (KST). As expected, the idol looked flawless as he walked through and showcased his true personality by greeting and apologizing to those who had waited for him.

Unfortunately, as the barriers ended and fans had more access to get closer to V, the airport broke out into chaos. As he was walking towards the exit, fans were finding any way to get close or even touch V.

In a particular clip that has gained attention, some fans were trying to get close, and the security had to push them away. Being the gentleman he is, V gently urged the guard not to hurt the fans. Yet, even after this, one fan managed to sneak through and touch the idol.

| @taeperforms/Twitter 

As V got closer to the airport’s exit, the crowds of media and fans were obvious as the flashes got brighter and the security got closer to V as people pushed towards the idol.

In particular, another clip circulating on social media shows the scale of the crowds as fans seemingly are screaming and pushing while rushing to follow V.

| @wayjks/Twitter

The closer V got to the car, the stronger the crowds were, and the security seemed to be having a hard time protecting V properly. While he got into the car, V disappeared from the view of many media and those at the airport as he almost seemed engulfed by the crowds.

| @wayjks/Twitter
| @wayjks/Twitter   

When the videos were shared, netizens couldn’t stop condemning the behavior of those at the airport, comparing them to zoo animals. Many explained that V could’ve easily avoided the crowds, but he wanted to greet everyone.

Yet, on Reddit, it also raised concerns about the wider issue of idols’ security at airports. It has always been a topic of debate amongst fans, but it seems like this video really raised just how serious an issue it is.

Both netizens and idols alike would hate the idea of not interacting at airports. However, many believe that if this is the experience idols face, it would be safer to leave through private entrances or have barriers throughout to stop incidents like these from occurring again.

You can read about V’s contrasting experiences at JFK Airport below.

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Source: Newsen and rkpopthoughts

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