BTS V’s Experiences At JFK Airport On His Way Back To Korea Was Completely Different From His Arrival

ARMYs praised HYBE’s security protocols!

BTS‘s V always makes sure that, no matter his schedule or own feelings, he makes sure to greet and show appreciation to ARMYs whenever he can. Even when there are huge crowds, his top priority is always ARMYs, and he tries to share his love no matter what.


Recently, V left Korea to complete some private schedules in America.

When arriving at JFK Airport, many netizens raised concerns about the reaction of those waiting for V. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of fans waiting for him, and even with security, some had to face the wrath of his bodyguards when coming near the idol.

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As expected, despite the huge crowds, V showcased his true personality by not only greeting them but also making sure that they were safe. He urged them to move back so the guards didn’t have to push them.

| celebritynycmoment/YouTube

| celebritynycmoment/YouTube        

Yet, V’s return to Korea seemed much calmer, and the idol truly got to showcase his love for fans at JFK Airport. On August 31 (KST), a stream from New York media showed V arriving at a much quieter JFK Airport, which seemingly was shut down for the idol.

Although many raised concerns that there were fans who had found out V’s return time, they couldn’t stop praising the amount of security that was protecting V from the minute he left the car to him walking through the airport.

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| celebritynycmoment/YouTube 

Even though he probably didn’t expect many fans, V seemed much more comfortable when greeting them, especially as there were barriers that created space between him and ARMYs. It also meant that he didn’t have to worry about fans having to be pushed by security.

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Many netizens also pointed out that V would be returning to see a familiar face.

Ahead of BTS maknae Jungkook‘s birthday, many ARMYs shared that there were projects at Incheon Airport to celebrate the idol’s special day. So, when he walks through, V will be greeted not only by ARMYs but Jungkook as well!

It seems like HYBE has learned from its mistakes and has found the best way to protect V on his private schedule. Although it still raises concerns on how ARMYs found out about V leaving, at least the idol had a more comfortable arrival and could share his love for fans.

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