NCT’s Jaehyun Takes NCTzens By Surprise By Flashing His Abs In “Dear. M”

“This is not Cha Minho anymore…”

NCT‘s Jaehyun has finally made his acting debut in K-Drama Dear. M. But while NCTzens were ready to love ‘Actor Jaehyun,’ they were taken completely by surprise when he unexpectedly flashed his abs in the show.

Jaehyun as Cha Minho | KBS

Jaehyun’s acting debut has been highly anticipated since early 2021, which is when the show was first supposed to air. The release date was indefinitely postponed, however, after bullying allegations were raised against actress Park Hye Su. Fans were disappointed on Jaehyun’s behalf, seeing as he had put in an incredible amount of work while balancing his NCT activities with his rigorous shooting schedule for Dear. M.

Needless to say, fans were therefore extremely excited when it was reported that Dear. M would finally be aired this year, Luckily, actor Jaehyun has not disappointed!

While NCTzens are hilariously recognizing Jaehyun’s own traits in Cha Minho…

…his portrayal of the character already has them gushing over how cute he is.

Of course, Jaehyun’s acting skills have also gained some praise, especially considering that this is his first time acting.

But what’s really gotten everyone’s attention is, naturally, Jaehyun’s sculpted abs, which came as a (welcome) surprise to fans watching the show.

Some seem like they could have done with a little warning…

…especially since the camerawork was clearly out to get us.

Yet, NCTzens also hilariously pointed out that Cha Minho showing off his impressive abs is a total plothole, considering what the character was expected to be like.

But maybe this is just another instance of the real Jaehyun peeking through!

If there’s one thing that’s been made clear, it’s that Dear. M’s Jaehyun is the whole package: a visual with plenty of acting talent to back up his good looks. Congratulations to Jaehyun on his long-awaited acting debut!