NCT’s Jaehyun Showcases His True Personality With Actions Toward A Mother At Museum In Chicago

“He’s so gentle, so gentle.”

NCT‘s Jaehyun has once again demonstrated the kind of person he is in real life, and NCTzens couldn’t be prouder.

NCT’s Jaehyun | @nct127/Instagram

Jaehyun and his NCT 127 members arrived in Chicago on January 7 for the NCT 127 2ND TOUR ‘NEO CITY – THE LINK.’

NCT 127 2ND TOUR ‘NEO CITY – THE LINK’poster | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Like the local NCTzens, the members were happy to be back in Chicago, Johnny‘s hometown. They have been doing their best to enjoy the city as much as possible since arriving, visiting jazz bars and eating good food.

For his part, Jaehyun decided to visit the art museum during his free time (which is very on-brand for him), where some lucky NCTzens ran into him.

Jaehyun was seen enjoying himself at the museum, even buying some art at the shop.

But there was one particularly heartwarming encounter. According to one fan who met him, Jaehyun was a perfect gentleman who took the time to kindly help a mother push her stroller out of the museum.

| @tomyluvv/Twitter

It’s far from the first such story about Jaehyun, but it still left NCTzens in wonder at the new evidence of his kindness.

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