NCT’s Jaehyun Goes Viral For His Unique Sense Of Humor — And NCTzens Suspect The Clip Came From His “Secret TikTok”

No one was prepared for what might be on his TikTok 😂

NCT‘s Jaehyun‘s is gaining plenty of attention after posting a video, making fans hilariously suspicious that it might have come from his “secret TikTok” account.

NCT’s Jaehyun | @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

Jaehyun’s social media updates haven’t always been regular. Still, recently he has been thoroughly entertaining fans with his unique personal brand of humor, especially as he and his NCT 127 members continue their world tour.

In his Instagram story from January 21, Jaehyun once again let his quirky humor shine as he posted his take on a piano challenge.

Jaehyun hilariously sang—in a literal sense—the notes the pianist was playing, leading the pianist to comment that Jaehyun had “duetted” them.

It’s safe to say fans were left highly entertained by Jaehyun’s video…

…with many laughing at his pronunciation of the letters “DFAC” in particular.

But what immediately drew NCTzens’ attention was his censored username, which led them to straightaway question if his video had originally come from his personal account.

They hilariously wondered when Jaehyun had gotten so tech-savvy…

…and speculated about what his account might look like.

Most importantly, of course, fans hope that Jaehyun is allowed to keep his account fully private so that he can continue to feel comfortable being himself.

After all, absolutely no one does it like Jaehyun!