NCT’s Jisung Shares A Warm Message For Fans That Are Also Coming Of Age This Year

Jisung is such a kind adult!

NCT‘s Jisung shared warm words for fans who are also coming of age this year!

Jisung recently shot his first solo pictorial with Allure Korea, where he also sat down for their Ask Allure segment and answered questions sent in by his members and fans!

As he has turned 20 years old in 2021, making him a legal adult in Korea, he was asked to leave a message for fans the same age as him!

If you were to leave a message for your fans, who just came of age like yourself, what would it be?

While highlighting the fact that they probably feel the same as him, he left a message for them anyway!

I think they would feel the same way as me. When you think of coming of age, I think it would feel like, “Wow, I’ve grown a lot.”

I’m not sure if I can say this, but life is long and we’re still young. so do what you want to do and just stay healthy. I think this is it.


Watch him impart his words of 20-year-old wisdom here!


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