NCT Johnny’s New Long Hair Is Sending Him To A New Level Of Sexy

Jaehyun’s thoughts on Johnny have never been truer.

To prepare for the release of the second half of NCT‘s full-group project, Resonance Pt.2, members who participated in the album’s units hopped on Twitter’s Blueroom for a live Q&A. One particular member stood out for a hairstyle change that had fans going wild.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

The last time fans had seen Johnny, he looked handsome as usual with his short blond hair. With his recent appearance, he took his visuals to a whole new level.

Though Johnny’s hair was still blond for the live stream, it was longer than before. In fact, it was so long that he’d tied it back.

The piece of hair hanging in front of his face combined with the long ponytail in the back had NCTzens going crazy over how well it suited him.

They didn’t need Johnny to be tall, dark, and handsome when he was now “tall, blond, and gorgeous.”

The look had other fans recalling what Jaehyun had commented on one of Johnny’s first Instagram lives—which still held true.

Since Yuta is the NCT member who’s often wearing his hair long and blond, fans were quick to joke that he’d been the one to give Johnny his hair.

One thing’s for sure: Johnny with long, blond hair is one of his best looks and sits right up there beside his abs in the sexy category.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Source: NCT Twitter Blueroom