Johnny’s Reaction To A Stylist’s Touch-Up Has NCT Fans Envious AF

He’s so over-dramatic 😂

Being a K-Pop idol’s stylist is probably a dream job for a lot of fans. It would allow you to get up close and personal with the idols you work with, and they often seem to have a good relationship with each other!

Recently, a short but entertaining clip of NCT‘s Johnny reacting to a touch-up by a stylist has been making the rounds on Twitter.

In it, Johnny can be seen being his usual overdramatic self by gasping and clutching his chest while the stylist kindly fixes his hair for him.

The adorable moment seems to have brought out some strong reactions from NCTzens, from envy to appreciation at the cuteness!

Others are simply complaining for him being so overdramatic 😂

Whatever the reaction is, there’s little doubt that any of the fans sharing this clip on social media wishes they were in the stylist’s place!