Camera Brand Canon Shares Caption Unexpectedly Celebrating NCT Lucas’ Departure From The Group

He recently left the group.

NCT‘s Lucas recently announced his departure from the group.

Lucas | @lucas_xx444/Instagram

On May 10, SM Entertainment dropped a surprise post detailing his future plans. After being on hiatus for the past two years, they mutually decided to end his association with both NCT and WayV.

After our deliberate discussion [with] Lucas, we made a mutual decision to part ways with the groups NCT and WayV to pursue his individual endeavors…Lucas is planning on showing his performances through a wide variety fo individual works from now on.

— SM Entertainment

WayV | @lucas_xx444/Instagram

The artist in question has since removed the group’s name from his official Weibo account.

This announcement was met with a mix of emotions. Fans were upset to see him go while other netizens expressed their support. Considering Lucas’ hiatus was caused by a gaslighting-related dating scandal, his association with NCT became controversial.

| @lucas_xx444/Instagram

An official brand is now under the spotlight for sharing a message regarding the K-Pop idol’s departure. On Canon‘s official Weibo account, they shared the announcement with an overjoyed congratulatory message.

Congratulations! Congrats, congrats! This day is finally here! Bye!

— Canon

The emotional words were not expected from a professional brand. Fans noted that it was likely a case of the social media administrator forgetting to switch to their personal account.

The post has since been deleted.

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Source: ETtoday