NCT’s “Lucky Charm” Renjun Predicts 4th “Hello Future” Win And Lottery Numbers

“This is Renjun’s world and we’re just living in it!”

When NCT DREAM achieved 3 million album sales, fans were raving over the coincidences connecting the milestone with member Renjun‘s birthday and lucky number.

Now it seems Renjun’s luck is only growing!

Recently NCT DREAM received their 4th music show win for “Hello Future,” and Renjun’s numbers made yet another appearance. Their final score was 7323, a combination of Renjun’s lucky number 7 and his birthday, 3/23!

Fans also noticed that March 23, 2021 was the day SM Entertainment confirmed that the 7 members would be releasing their first full-length album.

His luck isn’t limited to just music, though, as even his predictions of lottery numbers have also come true!

Users on Twitter posted about how Renjun’s picks, as well as Jeno‘s, Jisung‘s, and Jaemin‘s, have proven accurate not once…

not twice…

not thrice…

“Look at the Chinese lotto numbers today… This is insane.. *The number Renjun picked: 17”

but FOUR times!

 Fans are astonished over Renjun’s good luck, and have taken to calling him a lucky charm. It really seems like the universe is on Renjun’s side!