NCT’s Mark Flashes His Abs And Makes Dreams Come True

No one was ready for the sudden reveal.

Since more than a few NCT members have shown off their abs, fans have been waiting a while to catch a glimpse of Mark‘s. He made dreams come true thanks to a behind-the-scenes clip of their dance practice.

Mark | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

In the clip, NCT 127 was hard at work as they perfected their “2 Baddies” choreography and made sure no one missed a beat.

After using up so much energy, the members took a break by sitting on the couch and floor to catch their breaths. That’s when Mark surprised everyone.

To wipe the sweat from his face, Mark nonchalantly lifted his shirt. Despite being a bit far from the camera, there was no mistaking his toned six-pack abs.

It didn’t take long for fans to notice. They took to Twitter to share their utter shock at the sudden reveal.

Though Mark joked about catching the members in 4K, fans ironically pointed out that they were the ones who caught him in 4K as well. But if Mark truly didn’t want his abs to be seen, he would’ve just asked the editors to work their magic like they did for NCT DREAM‘s Jisung.

Check out the glimpse of Mark’s abs that shocked NCTzens and made their dreams come true.


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