NCT Fans Come To Mark’s Defense Over Discussion About His Facial Hair

“It must be annoying to the fans who stan underage idols to see them become mature adults.”

Facial hair is something rarely seen on K-Pop idols, apart from the occasional scruffy selfies that some have uploaded after a few days without shaving.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) | @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram

A clean-shaven look is generally more appealing when it comes to Korean beauty standards, so shaving frequently is likely a common part of most male idols’ daily routines.

Jackson Wang (GOT7)

So whenever a normally clean-shaven K-Pop idol appears with even the slightest hint of a five o’clock shadow on their face, it usually draws attention and can lead to conflicting opinions among fans.

Siwon (Super Junior)

Recently, NCT‘s Mark has been the topic of such a discussion. When he first debuted, Mark was only 16, and he fit in well with the other young members of NCT DREAM in particular with his youthful visuals and energy.

Mark (NCT) | SM Entertainment

There was no hint of facial hair during those times — whether he just wasn’t able to grow any yet, or it was always covered by makeup — and many fans enjoyed his clean look.

| SM Entertainment

As he’s grown older, however, there have been times when Mark’s facial hair, particularly above his upper lip, have been more noticeable, which is a totally normal thing to happen for a man now in his 20s!

Despite this natural change, though, some fans have expressed their desire for Mark to do more to cover up his stubble, with some even going to far as to suggest laser removal. A post on an online Korean forum titled “I don’t think it would be bad if Mark got laser hair removal” mentions just that.

Korean netizens have shared some comments in agreement with the original author, some in a drastic and arguably rude way.

  • “I seriously really love Mark but to be honest, I didn’t care back then when his facial hair grew out lightly and he covered it with his hand but one part of the fandom kept telling him that they like his facial hair so it seems like he just stopped hiding it alltogether and he doesn’t care when it grows out either. Ah I seriously find that dark thing so-so”
  • “I always tell him on Bubble to laser off his facial hair but seems like I’m the only one doing it since it just gets buried. Seriously, Mark should get rid of his facial hair and stop doing this scanty-looking hairstyle. I seriously am a genuine fan of Mark and us Mark fans have been way too tolerant. Of course, everything he does is good with us but other fans are giving us bad looksㅜㅜ Please, let’s tell him to get facial hair laser. Because of a few comments telling him that they like his facial hair, he really thinks that it looks good, f*ck. I even own a Mark magazine at home. Please, can we tell him to do something? Can we all tell him on Bubble ‘laser hair removal please?’ If he shaved his facial hair, he’d be f*cking pretty ㅜㅜ”
  • “Not anyone’s business, sure, but since fans are paying to see him I think at least doing makeup to cover it up since the majority of fans don’t like that look would be the smarter move…
    Also the hair just doesn’t suit him…”
| SM Entertainment

Thankfully, however, many others have come to Mark’s defense, saying that it’s only natural that he develops more mature features as he gets older. It’s Mark’s face, after all, and most people agree that he should be able to choose what he does or doesn’t do to his features.

  • “It must be annoying to the fans who stan underage idols to see them become mature adults”
  • “Wtf leave the man alone!! That’s his business how sick can you be to say this”
  • “The only thing that annoyed about my [ex’s] beard was while kissing it stabs a little, but y’all bishes aren’t getting near him with ten-foot pole, so why do you care?”
  • “Wtf this is so weird. Mark is a grown ass man. Its time to stop expecting him to be completely hair free all the time. It’s gotta be annoying to be an idol and have people nitpick every little detail about your body.”
  • “These people are sick. Nobody should be forced to laser their hair off just to appease fans.”
  • “This is so odd??? Why y’all stay bullying this man over FACIAL HAIR???”
  • “Okay first of all, I hope he will never know about this kind of shitpost bcs it’ll hurt him. Second, having facial hair is as normal as having hair on top of our head. Third, he looks hot with those.”
| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Regardless of your personal preference for facial hair, we hope that most people can agree that Mark should feel free to appear however he wants in whatever way makes him comfortable and confident!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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