NCT’s Mark Got Asked Whether He’d Turn His Lover Into A Vampire — Here’s His Thoughtful Answer

His answer has fans feeling proud!

NCT 127 just made a comeback with “Favorite (Vampire),” an “immortal love“-inspired song with a vampire concept. With all the members playing the roles of vampires in love with a human, it was only a matter of time before they were asked the big question at the center of many vampire stories: would you turn the person you love into a vampire?

Mark from NCT. | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

During a recent livestream, Mark gave an answer that showed his romantic side as well as his considerate personality.

Mark: ‘If you were a vampire, would you turn your lover into a vampire as well?‘ To be honest, I would, but that person might not like it. I’d have to ask for permission.


Taeyong: Like getting married?

Mark: In a way, yeah. If they say no, then I really shouldn’t. But I would want to make them a vampire.

Mark, Taeyong, and Jungwoo. | Huya 

But even though he knows he would want to turn them into a vampire, Mark wasn’t sure exactly how he would approach asking them! He asked Jungwoo his opinion on the matter: should it be more of a question or a reassuring statement?

Jungwoo, hear me out. If you were a girl… Is it better as a question, like ‘Would you like to be with me, forever in love?’ or is it better as a statement, like ‘We’ll be together forever, you’ll be okay’? What would be better?

— Mark

| Huya 

Jungwoo ultimately said he personally prefers the first one, though Taeyong thought they were both a bit weird. In the end, Mark said they would talk about it more after the livestream ends!

| Huya 

Fans were impressed by Mark’s answer and expressed their appreciation for him online. It definitely showed how considerate he can be, even when answering a hypothetical question about vampires!

Check out the clip below!

Source: YouTube, Twitter, Huya and Instagram