Fans Have Mixed Feelings About NCT Mark’s Actions And Comments Following His Absence At The Group’s Japan Fanmeeting

Some feel he was neglecting fans while others feel it’s not a big deal.

Not too long ago, NCT‘s Mark announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He updated fans on the situation, as he was unable to participate in NCT Dream‘s 2nd solo concert.

| @4NDY_9/Twitter

Oh dear, I made you guys worry too much, didn’t I? Seriously made you guys worried didn;t i. I hope the kids don’t say sorry too so I think it’s right not to say that to CZENNIES too.

— Mark

Later on, it was announced that he had still tested positive for COVID-19 during a pre-departure PCR test. He had already completed the mandatory quarantine stage but unfortunately, had still tested positive for the virus right before NCT 127’s flight to Japan for their fanmeeting.

On the day of the fanmeeting, Mark’s messages through Dear. U Bubble rubbed fans the wrong way. In particular, the Japanese fans who had been waiting for him had been upset at his attitude.

Of course, while fans understood that he was not in control of the situation with COVID-19 and the testing procedures, fans felt that Mark could have been more tactful. Fans who had been waiting for him to perform in Japan were upset about the situation but felt that Mark was more concerned about basketball.

What made things worse was the birthday live stream he had turned on. The livestream was turned on just a mere 10 seconds after the fanmeeting had concluded. Mark shared through live stream that he had wanted to turn on the birthday live stream at 7pm, but his manager had told him to turn it on only after the fanmeeting ended.

Fans were naturally upset at his lack of consideration for the fanmeeting.

  • “Idiot, tsk tsk.”
  • “He really turned it on as soon as it ended.”
  • “No but how can he not be aware that the fanmeeting was still going on at 7pm?? It’s amazing how he thought of turning on live stream then.”
  • “Wow he’s really not concerned about the fanmeeting at all.”

Fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the matter.

Hey, what are you saying? Did you not have time to think about how Japanese Mark-fans feel? We know you want to go play basketball, but did you forget how you were originally supposed to come to Japan to do the fanmeeting? Mark, it can’t be helped that you can’t come to Japan but did you not have the leeway to think about the Japanese fans who kept waiting for you as they took two days off work on a weekday right before the Japanese Chuseok holidays, as they chose the clothes to wear to the fanmeeting, and came from faraway or even had to take a plane? Happy birthday and I’m glad to hear your health is better but don’t forget the many fans of mark that had been waiting to see you in Japan today and tomorrow.

— @imrin_nir

Other fans were similarly disappointed, claiming that the messages Mark sent felt like “that’s just how much he’s concerned about the Japanese fanmeeting.

 On the other hand, other fans defend Mark, explaining that he simply was trying to cheer up the disappointed fans. As Mark had repeatedly said time and time again that he did not want the fans or members to feel sorry about the cancelled NCT Dream concert due to COVID-19, fans think that Mark feels the same about the Japan fanmeeting.


Source: Nate Pann