Does NCT’s Mark Lee Have A Secret Twitter Account? Here Is Why NCTzens Hilariously Suspect He’s Been Lurking On Fan Twitter

“Mark saying ‘I opened Twitter’ feels like a fever dream.”

NCTzens are hilariously suspicious that NCT‘s Mark Lee has a personal Twitter account—and that he has been using it to lurk on fan Twitter.

Mark | @onyourm__ark/Instagram

Mark has always been very good at communicating with fans. In fact, in light of his recent COVID-19 diagnosis, Mark immediately took to Dear U. Bubble to reassure fans that he was okay, leaving touching messages in which he expressed his genuine sadness over missing his first concert with NCT DREAM.

| Bubble via @4NDY_9/Twitter

As usual, Mark also expressed concern for fans’ well-being and insisted that everyone take lots of care. This is something that fans always appreciate about him, especially given how hard he works as a member of multiple groups (including NCT 127, SuperM, and NCT DREAM).

Yet, his Dear U. Bubble update from July 23 suggests Mark may be interacting with NCTzens even more closely than previously thought. As he chatted away with NCTzens, the subject of the #markfsgathertoseemarkday hashtag came up. Mark commented that he had seen it on Twitter and was curious about what it was.

This seemingly innocuous comment left NCTzens shook because, by the looks of it, Mark was admitting that he has a personal Twitter account.

Given that Mark had been talking about a specific hashtag, NCTzens were quick to begin hilariously suspecting him of lurking on fan Twitter.

They even expressed worry over just what he would be seeing on Twitter if he did have a personal account…

…though much of it is, of course, positive messages for him. In fact, now that he allegedly “confirmed” he’s on Twitter, some fans are starting to address him directly on tweets. Due to his recent COVID-19 positive test result, for example, NCTzens have taken to Twitter to send him messages of encouragement.

While it’s impossible to know for sure whether Mark is seeing everything, fans at least now know to watch out for him and keep things positive!